Is It Worth Paying for Premium Bookie Software?

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The short answer is “yes”, it’s worth paying for premium bookie software. Luckily, pay per head agents won’t have pay a premium price for premium bookie software.

PayPerHead.com is running a promotion where online bookie agents get their Premium Package for half-off.

In case there are agents out there who don’t believe why the premium bookie software is necessary, below are three reasons.

Professional Agent Interface

It all starts with the agent interface. What separates PayPerHead’s Premium Package interface from other PPH interfaces is that PayPerHead’s was designed by former bookmakers.

Those former bookmakers know that choices are important. That’s why PayPerHead’s Premium interface allows the choice of DGS or ASI software.

PayPerHead has also optimized the interface for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones. Both platforms via the professional agent interface provides access to reports, betting lines, pending current bets, and limit settings.


Premium Live Wagering on More than 1,000 Events

One of the reasons that pay per head agents should sign up for PayPerHead’s Premium Package is because of the live wagering software.

Premium Live Wagering via the package allows for more than 1,000 live betting events. What this means is that an online bookie agents’ clients can bet on more than 1,000 events as they happen.

Live wagering is one of the fastest growing segments in the sports betting industry. Giving clients access to make live wagers on events that they’re watching drives action.

Premium Agent Features

Another reason for agents to consider switching to the PayPerHead Premium Package is due to the Premium Agent Features.

Some Premium Agent Features are:  a line mover, the ability to manage limits as well as see additional reports on live betting, injury updates, scores from Don Best, time changes, and TV listings.

All Premium Agent Features help online bookie agents run their businesses effectively and efficiently.

PayPayHead.com’s Premium Package offers software designed by bookmakers to help agents build their businesses. Right now, PayPerHead is offering a March Madness promo where agents can get half-off the premium package.

Per head agents should take advantage of the promotion. Reps at PayPerHead are available to chat. The phone number is 888-978-0288 for those who prefer to call.

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