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Looking for a sportsbook solution prior to the 2017 NFL Week 1 kickoff?  Look no further than PremierPerHead.com, which is currently offering a two-week FREE TRIAL and LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING on ALL NFL regular season and Playoffs games.

The weeks just prior to the start of the season are best to set up as you will want to get all your players familiar with the software.  Many will be looking to bet futures as well.

Set up is typically no more than a half hour and switching from one Pay Per Head to the other is usually a seamless process.

PremierPerHead.com offers an elaborate, easy-to-use betting platform that also features an online casino.

The Pay Per Head online bookie software is designed in a manner that it is incredibly easy to use. Whether you are online or offline, your business will still be in operation.

You are still the boss but with less work and more play.  That’s because PremierPerHead.com handles the entire business on your behalf: The customer service, running reports, posting of lines and all the burdensome overhead associated with a corner bookie of the past.

You simply pay a small weekly fee for each player.  Instead of each player having a cost of $50 or more based on all the work required to please him or her, that cost comes down to around $10.

Wise bookies use a Pay Per Head platform. In today’s world of bookmaking, it’s nearly impossible to compete without such a business on your side.

“Our TOP priority is ding whatever is necessary to keep you on board for the long-term. Indeed, our retention rate for agents is widely recognized as the highest in the Sportsbook technology industry, and we get raves over our customer service department. Agents feel very much at home because we pay attention to every detail, and we have found that what we do is a significant factor in the growth of our clients’ customer base.”

There are no minimum number of players required but obviously the bigger your client base, the more profitable you will become.

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