Grow Your Book With The World Cup: Prop Bets To Offer Bettors Now

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The 2018 World Cups kicks off on June 14. On June 15, two of the top teams in the world, Portugal and Spain, battle on the pitch. Online bookie agents should start preparing for World Cup betting action.

Check out World Cup betting futures, the main prop offered right now in May, and how pay per head agents can promote World Cup futures.

FIFA Prop Bets To Offer Bettors Now

The best prop bet to offer World Cup bettors today, in early May, is on teams to win the World Cup. Check out odds. Then read an analysis on how pay per head agents can promote World Cup future betting.

Germany                     +450

Brazil                          +450

Spain                           +600

France                         +700

Argentina                    +900

Belgium                       +1100

England                       +1600

Portugal                       +2500

Sportsbook Promotions & Analysis

Germany is the defending World Cup Champions.  The obvious hook here is whether the Germans can win back-to-back World Cups.

Brazil was absolutely horrible in their home stadiums in the 2014 World Cup. The hook for Brazil is this:  can the Brazilians return to World Cup glory?

Spain was also terrible in 2014. There’s a ton of pressure on Spain to return to its former prominence.

Can it do that now that it’s led by the brilliant Isco? All pay per head agents must do to promote World Cup betting on Argentina is to bring up two words and one name:  Lionel Messi.

Promoting future World Cup betting on France and Belgium to win the 2018 World Cup is more difficult than promoting wagers on Germany, Brazil, and Spain.

France was the 2016 UEFA favorite. They lost in the finals to Portugal. The French are a good soccer team, though.

Perhaps, the best way to promote wagers on France is to nail down the idea that they can turn their UEFA discouragement into a World Cup trophy.

Belgium has never won a World Cup. That’s probably the best hook for Belgium. Can Belgium finally win a World Cup?

There doesn’t appear to be any hook for England. One way to get bettors interested in backing the English is to discuss England’s youth. Wayne Rooney is gone.

 Most of the players will hit the pitch in their first World Cup. Will that change things around for the unlucky English?

The final team that should garner World Cup futures action is Portugal. The 2016 UEFA winners sport the most popular soccer player on the planet in the great Ronaldo.

Like Messi, just talking about Ronaldo could lead to action.

Be Ready To Protect Your Profit

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