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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and every year more and more Americans become fans of the sport. The status of soccer as a betting market has been a gray area for bookies for some time now, while the sportís popularity is undeniable up until recently few Americans expressed interest in betting it.

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In fact, most sportsbooks do not consider soccer a major sport, but, this mindset is changing and rapidly to say the least. Experts calculated that $1.3 trillion worth of sports wagers were placed globally in 2015, the figures for 2016 have yet to be released. It is estimated that 65% of those $1.3 trillion were bets placed on soccer matches, albeit, the biggest soccer market remains Asia, followed by Europe, the North American market has shown signs of steady growth.

Anticipating this growth, www.AcePerHead.com has been at the forefront of soccer betting, they currently have one of the largest soccer offerings, covering leagues from all over the world, including second division leagues. As a leader in the PPH service industry, Ace Per Head continues to impress with their ability to predict market growth, investing in technologies and expert staff to accommodate these trends.

The Millennium demographic is in part responsible for the rise in soccerís popularity, back in the 90ís, with the increase in football related injuries, concerned moms started to look for alternate sports their kids could participate in, and that is when soccer started gaining popularity in the US.

Now those kids are all grown up and bookies have been desperately trying to lure them into gambling, one strategy that has proven effective is the addition of soccer betting. And few pay per head services have an offering as extensive as the one provided by Ace Per Head. Soccer betting odds are a bit of a peculiarity, unlike football, basketball or even baseball, there are many ways to handicap soccer matches.

In Europe soccer is handicapped with a 3-way line which includes a line for a draw, Asian handicap is becoming more widely accepted by non-Asian players, but still remains an obscure way of betting for most westerners, in the US, soccer is handicapped much like hockey is, a combination of a point spread and a money line.

As a provider AcePerHead.com is flexible enough as to be able to offer all these handicapping methods to its agents, their platform is able to support multiple line types and specific profiles can be created easily, this flexibility is just another reason why they remain industry leaders in the very competitive pph service niche.

Being game changers is nothing new to them, they were one of the first to introduce live betting and soccer is in fact on the list of sports for which they provide in game betting, it is also a part of their VIP Live Betting package. Live betting is the perfect marketing tool for bookies to attract the millennium demographic; another great marketing tool is their fully mobile and responsive betting platform which is incredibly popular with both young and veteran gamblers.

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