Cost Free Price Per Head for Super Bowl 52

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Super Bowl 52 is almost here and many folks will be seeking out a Price Per Head that is preferably free of costs, and these do exist.  PremierPerHead.com is one such company, at least for a few weeks.

Companies like PremierPerHead are to the Pay Per Head industry what free online poker rooms are to the real play Web poker rooms.

"They operate as a sort of social media platform that allows individuals to set up their very own online sportsbook where buddies and co-workers  place their “bets” with a very small weekly cost of around $10 per person per week with an initial two week test drive for free," Gambling911.com’s Payton O'Brien explains.

If you are profiting $100 a week for a single player on average, you simply shave that $10 off to make for a $90 profit.

"But the true savings are with overhead," remarked O'Brien.  "The Pay Per Head takes care of all that for you so in reality you are saving a substantial amount more."

Upgrades are available for those who wish to expand the platform

The following options are available:

   Real-time, 24/7 snapshot of your status

    Offer the sharpest, up-to-date lines in sports

    Choose the sports and events you will offer

    Set limits by sport and wager type

    Set rules on parlays and teasers

    Use real-time reporting on players, winnings, and losses

    Superior infrastructure and redundancy guarantee 99.99%    up-time

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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