College Football: How Booster Money Can Affect the Outcome

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Big time college football programs receive an eye-popping amount of booster money each and every year. This is largely how the program survives. Take a look at some of the wealthiest programs around the nation:

Texas A&M University, $66,987,139

University of Oregon, $53,698,089

University of Michigan, $51,717,862

University of Texas, $42,234,883

Texas Christian University, $38,319,614

Kansas State University, $34,369,836

Auburn University, $31,739,556

University of Washington, $30,730,210

University of Notre Dame, $30,461,237

University of Kansas, $28,934,681

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How does this affect point spreads?

In college football, there are several factors involved when it comes to winning. There is one major factor that everyone should know and realize from the onset; college football is not “any given Saturday” like the NFL is “any given Sunday”. Any given Sunday means, that at anytime, anywhere, on any given Sunday, any NFL team can beat any other NFL team. This is basically true and pretty much a standard rule to live by. It’s the NFL, players are better, faster, stronger and more skilled than college players. Not only that; but the talent in the NFL is spread out.

In college football the talent is limited to the big schools and the major programs. As a result, small time programs rarely win games against the big programs. This is how it works and this is probably how it will continue to work for ages to come.

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A Great Example—


Their #1 booster is Nike and Phil Knight. Nike literally gives untold $millions of dollars’ year in and year out, to Oregon. What does Oregon do, they win a lot of games and they put up an enormous amount of points. The last couple of years may be an exception for the Ducks because they have been in obvious rebuild mode. Oregon is a great example here simply because they are rebuilding! They have to rebuild, its mandatory. Their boosters demand it. Do you think Nike wants their famous logo associated with a team that always loses, or doesn’t cover big spreads against bad teams?

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Before 2007 they went through a period of time when they struggled. Here is what happened: From 2000 to 2007, they went through 3 head coaches and lost a ton of games. The old-school Alabama boosters weren’t having it. Many of these wealthy boosters are old school “good ole boys” that simply will not put up with losing. The need Alabama to win, they need Alabama to cover big spreads and they won’t live with anything less. They hired a winner in Nick Saban. If the winning ways continue for Saban; he will always have a job. On the other hand, give him a losing season or two; he will be shown the door, and quickly

Big program coaches need to make a big impression every Saturday. This is the way it is in the high stakes world of booster money flying all over the place. Coaches deliver or they pay the price. Bear this in mind when betting on top 25 programs this year. They cover on a regular basis. Look for a sportsbook that offers competitive odds, a ½ a point or 1 point can mean everything.

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