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When it comes to a tried and true College Football betting tip, you can study games and teams until your blue in the face and still get stung on the spread.  Gambling911.com has the best tip for betting on College Football (and most sports for that matter) that we know is a winner more times than not. 

It’s all about the line movements.

You see, the house always wins, but with one important caveat – they do so over time.

This means that inevitably there will be some weeks when the sportsbook/bookmaker ends up getting clobbered.

Throughout much of the 2017 regular season, the books have enjoyed a solid performance honing in on key games. In Week 9, it all came back to bite them however.

Penn State and Oklahoma State were killers for the books that particular week.  In fact, some books reported that the Nittany Lions were the most wagered on side of the season when they managed a cover against Ohio State, the later of whom managed to pull through with a final seconds outright victory.

Big public favorites Notre Dame and, once again, Penn State failed to come through for gamblers in Week 10.

Bottom line, the public in general loses more than they win.  Otherwise the books would be unable to stay in business. 

Our College Football best betting tip here at Gambling911.com is to identify which sides are seeing the most wagering action in a particular week and how the books are reacting to said action.

For example, if a particular team is seeing heavy action as a -7.5 favorite and the books move that line to -7, this will almost always suggest there is a strong opinion on the other team (the underdog) covering.  This could be a result of wise guy action going against public sentiment.

In Week 10, both Notre Dame and Penn State were seeing over 75% of the action, though it was often difficult to determine whether the books had an opinion on either game based on line movement. 

Bottom line, the best betting tip we can offer when it comes to College Football is:

1 - Determine if there is a particular side receiving especially lopsided action.

2 – Review line movement monitoring found at Gambling911.com to determine any strong opinions bookmakers may have.

3 – Bet against the public once line movement indicators suggest this is a good option.

Note that this strategy is best utilized with high volume betting on a particular side and in marquee games.  A side seeing 80% of the action and only a slight shift in line movement going against the public may be less impactful.

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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