Capitalize On These Three Sporting Events To Make Even More Money This October

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Every year, there are specific months that are better off than other to pay per head agents to make more money on their sites. That is understandable because in these months, there is a lot that takes place in the world of real sporting events. But you need to be certain on what sporting event has real value to you as a bookie. 

On this write-up, you will learn about the three specific sporting events that you should be on the lookout this October. Note that these are sporting events that can add a lot of value to your pay per head site. But even before we look at the three sporting events, it is very important that for you to stand out and actually give your clients the real value of their money and time, you must enable live betting at Premier Per Head feature on your site.

Look at these three sporting events and see how much you can make:

Football Wagering On NFL, NCAAF

It is true that NFL and NCAAF are sporting events that are more of continuous events thus any deliberate categorization of these sporting events may seem misplaced.

However, it is also important to note that in the month of October much of the action takes place, making the two sporting events even more serious.

Anyway, here are some of the college games that you expect in the month of October which pay per head site owners should look forward to:

·      Packers at Cowboys in the first week with Michigan State and LSU at Florida

·      Patriots at Jets and Steelers at Chiefs in the second week

·      Chiefs at Raiders and Saints at Packers where Tennessee will be at Alabama and Oklahoma at Kansas in the 3rd week 

·      Fourth week has Oklahoma at Texas, Georgia Tech at Miami and Utah at USC

NBA Regular

This is another sporting event that should come with amazing advantages to bookies who should make money in this month of October.

Of course, the season kicks off on October 17 with Boston Celtics travelling all the way to Cleveland to meet with Cavaliers as well as LeBron.

In that night, there will be defending champions Golden State Warriors battling with Houston Rockers.

2017 MLB Playoffs

This is a third sporting event that is of utmost importance to pay per head bookies in making more money.

Because the kickoff is on October 1, it is important that bookies feature all the 162 games that will be played the entire season.

Football News News

NFL Week 13 Best Bets

NFL Week 13 Best Bets

It’s odd that there is no Thursday night NFL game to kick off Week 13 of the 2020 season. That means bettors have a few extra days to prepare for the Sunday slate.  

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Miami Dolphins Prop Bets - December 6

The Miami Dolphins were listed as a -11 to -11.5 favorite hosting the lowly Cincinnati Bengals Sunday. 

BYU vs. Coastal Carolina Prop Bets - November 5

BYU vs. Coastal Carolina Prop Bets - November 5

Coastal Carolina vs. BYU betting odds had the Cougars between a -9.5 and -10 favorite as this is a late entry to the schedule and one that should see ESPNU get plenty of viewers.  Both teams come into this one undefeated.

Steelers in Trouble with Bud Dupree Possibly Suffering Torn ACL

The Pittsburgh Steelers are feared to have lost another key piece of their vaunted defense.

Books Win Big With Ravens Cover

Books Win Big With Ravens Cover

This was supposed to be the week that the Steelers stood the best chance of enduring their first loss of the season.  Well, actually that was last week.