Bookies Looking to Switch to New Pay Per Head Platform for Super Bowl 51

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C Costigan
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It’s easy to make the switch to a new Pay Per Head platform ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl 51 for those bookies and agents not satisfied with their current PPH.

Starting at just $10 per head (or per customer), AcePerHead.com is currently offering a 4-week trial.

AcePerHead works around the clock and will ensure that making this switch is a seamless process.

Many agents report lack of support, poor mobile compatibilities and lack of live in-play wagering through utilization of non-Gambling911.com endorsed Pay Per Head brands.

AcePerHead offered one of the most comprehensive Super Bowl proposition wagering lists last season and the same can be anticipated with the upcoming championship game.

To fully move your service to Ace pay per head it takes just THREE steps:

Register for an account

Call them (or we will call you)

“Relax while we setup all your players in our system”

It’s that easy!

Check them out here

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com


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