Bookie Tips: 4 Price Per Head Features To Use During Super Bowl 51

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Super Bowl 51 is set. The game takes place on Feb. 5 between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.

Below are four tools that online bookies and price per head agents should use to manage betting during Super Bowl 51.

If the tools listed below aren’t offered to per head agents, then those agents have the wrong sportsbook management platform.

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Live Bet Ticker

The most obvious price per head tool to use during Super Bowl 51 is the Live Bet Ticker. The Live Bet Ticker allows agents to show sports bets as they are inserted.

It also allows agents to delete bets, it shows open bets, and it has a new bet audio indicator.

Position Tool

The position tool simply shows all action on open bets. After the Super Bowl, the position tool calculates likely profit.

During the Super Bowl, the position tool can be useful for agents to quickly see all the current open bets as well as any live open bets.

Player Activity

Since so much money will be wagered on Super Bowl 51, some players could decide to use Super Bowl 51 as a get out of the red moment.

This could lead to profit lost. Keeping track of specific player activity is necessary before and during Super Bowl 51.

Wagers Report

There are many prop bets that players on which players can wager before the Super Bowl. During the Super Bowl, some prop bets are going to be available to players.

Pay per head agents can use the wagers report to keep track of bets placed since the wagers report is broken down via business unit.

Another way to use the wagers report is to use it to delete bets.

Get The Right Price Per Head Platform

Not only can the Super Bowl be a profitable time for price per head agents, but it can also be a dangerous time.

Action on Super Bowl 51 should be heavy for every online bookie agent. It only makes sense for those agents to utilize tools available to them to manage Super Bowl 51 betting.

Four tools that agents can use during Super Bowl 51 are the live bet ticker, the position tool, the player activity tool, and the wagers report.

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