Where Can I Bet on Rihanna in This Year's Super Bowl?

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Tyrone Black
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DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars.... they won't be taking Halftime Show Bets.  Have no fear, our friends at BetOnline are offering all the Rihanna bets humanly possible.  In fact, there are probably well over a hundred now available from our friends at BetOnline.  18 and up welcome with no need to supply your social security number.


This one, for whatever reason, is not garnering the hype of last year's Super Bowl.  Well that was old school hip hop royalty: Snoop, Dre, Eminem, Mary J., Kendrick, 50 Cent).  Still, you can be sure Rihanna is going to do everything in her power to put on a more memorable performance than they did.

And given the creativity and drive Rihanna brings with every one of her productions, we wouldn't bet against her besting the reviews from last year.

BetOnline has released its bevy of Super Bowl halftime show odds that include things such as:

- Rihanna first/last songs

- Guest appearances (Drake and Jay-Z are favored to show up)

- Hair color

- Apparel

Oh, we think BetOnline Brand Manager Dave Mason might have the next one's trademarked.

Cleavage, butt cheeks and nipples (!) are just a few more items on the prop bet list for Rihanna and her performance.


Which song will Rihanna perform first?            

Diamonds                                 +250

Stay                                          +400

Where Have You Been               +400

Don’t Stop The Music                +500

Rude Boy                                  +1000

Umbrella                                  +1000

What's My Name                      +1000

This Is What I Came For             +1200

We Found Love                         +1200

Only Girl (In The World)             +1600

Work                                        +2500

Hate That I Love You                 +4000


Which song will Rihanna perform last?            

Don't Stop The Music    +250

Umbrella                      +250

Where Have You Been   +600

Stay                              +700

We Found Love             +700

Love On The Brain         +900

Diamonds                     +1000

Rude Boy                      +1400

What's My Name?         +1400

Only Girl (In The World) +2000

Pon de Replay               +2500

Man Down                    +3300


How many songs will Rihanna perform?

Over/Under 9.5


Who will make an appearance on stage with Rihanna?            

Drake               -200

Jay-Z                 -200

Eminem            +150

A$AP Rocky      +250

Future              +500

T.I.                   +700

Kanye West      +800


What will happen first on stage?                      

Pyrotechnics                             +135

Umbrella Used as a Prop           +250

Football Used as a Prop             +325

Shown Wearing a Bathing Suit   +450

Wardrobe Malfunction              +575

Cover Song                               +700


Rihanna primary hair color                  

Black                -500

Blonde              +400

Red                  +700

Pink                  +1000

Purple              +1000

Blue                 +1400


Rihanna primary dress/shirt color                    

Black                -150

White               +450

Grey/Silver       +500

Yellow/Gold      +600

Red                  +800

Pink                  +1200

Green               +1400

Blue                 +1600


Rihanna primary lipstick color              

Red/Pink                      -300

No Lipstick/Clear           +275

Black                            +400

Purple                          +750

Blue/Aqua                    +1400


Rihanna primary eye shadow color                  

Clear/None                   -250

White                           +350

Purple (Light or Dark)    +500

Black                            +750

Red/Pink                      +800

Blue                             +1200


Will Rihanna wear a necklace on stage?                       

Yes                   -500

No                    +300


Will Rihanna wear sunglasses on stage?                       

No                    -150

Yes                   +110


Will Rihanna show cleavage on stage?             

Yes                   -400

No                    +250


Will Rihanna expose a butt cheek on stage?                 

Yes                   -160

No                    +120


Will Rihanna expose a nipple on stage?            

Yes                   +600

No                    -1500


Length of "America the Beautiful" by Babyface

Over/Under 101 seconds


Primary color of Chris Stapleton's hat

Black +350

Any other color -600


Will any word accidentally be omitted in the National Anthem?

Yes +900

No -3000


Length of word "brave" during National Anthem

Over/Under 5 seconds


Will any scoring drive take less time than the National Anthem?

Yes -250

No +170


Length of National Anthem by Chris Stapleton

Over/Under 125 seconds


Who will be show first during National Anthem?

Patrick Mahomes-130

Jalen Hurts       +100


What color liquid will be poured on winning head coach?                    

Yellow/Green/Lime       -125

Orange             +300

Red/Pink          +700

Clear/Water      +800

Blue                 +1000

Purple              +1400


Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first?                   

Team/Teammates         -150

God/Religion                +350

City/Fans                      +500

Personal Family             +700

Coaches                        +1600

Team Owner                 +3300

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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