Best Payout Odds Heads or Tails Super Bowl 51: Tails Pays $750

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Not all Super Bowl 51 coin toss payout odds are the same.  Case in point with Bookmaker offering a sick $75 payout for every $10 bet or $750 for every $100 wagered if the player calling this year’s coin toss calls TAILS over HEADS.

It’s not wise to pick HEADS as you will be required to bet $130 to win $10.   

Most books were offering both HEADS and TAILS priced between -110 and -115.  This is the best payout potential Gambling911.com has ever seen for the Super Bowl coin toss prop bet and it is highly recommended to throw down $10 for a chance to win that $75.

For some historic reference, four of the last five Super Bowls that the Patriots have played in have landed on tails.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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