5 Price Per Head Tips to Make More Money With NFL Playoff Seasons

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Our PayPerHead team have been helping online bookies grow their profits, and their player lists for over 2 decades.

When you become a PayPerHead agent, we give you proven tactics to attract new bettors to your book. We get them playing more often, and make it simple to manage that action, so you’re racking in the most money possible.

What types of tactics are we talking about? Well here’s a sneak peak with 5 steps for making more cash during the NFL Playoffs this up and coming year.

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Step 1 – Build your team

Build a referral team of a few of your best players by fiving them the inside scoop and a bonus for talking to players, and getting them betting.

An inexpensive bonus to offer right now? A $10 free credit for every $100 each week during the NFL Playoffs.

Step 2 – Size Matters

Know your players bank rolls and keep them within their limits. Encourage small, frequent bets, so it doesn’t feel like your limiting their activity.

Youi should also prevent your players from over betting during a bad run.  They could tap out of their bankroll before they get back in the black and walk away

Step 3 – promote contrarian betting

Tap into your players’ extensive sports knowledge and make them feel elite by promoting the contrarian bet. 

How can you tell which public bets are favorites? If the matchup has over 75% of the bets on it, it’s probably being overvalued

Step 4 – Use Live Wagering For The Win

Takes advantage of the fact that 34% of Americans are using a mobile device while they watch sports.

Make tons of cash with texting, tweeting, or emailing your players during the game with real time betting suggestions.

Step 5 – Offer free play strategies

A strategic free play can be turned into thousands of dollars worth of wagers. Make a budget for your strategy to determine how much you can afford with the offer. And you’ll come out on top with even more action than before.

Want unlimited access to more industry secrets just like these? Become a PayPerHead agent today and start some serious growth to your business.

Talk to a PayPerHead agent today and find out how you can make more money with the best resources, and the best team in the business.

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