5 NCAAF Parlay Picks Online Bookies Should Promote

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It’s always a good idea for pay per head agents to know what parlays to promote for that week. See below for 2-Team, 3-Team, 4-Team, and 5-Team college football parlays that agents should promote.


NCAAF Top 5 Parlay Picks


2-Team Parlay:  Houston -14 at Temple

                           Pittsburgh -20 vs Rice


What Are Bettors Thinking?

The Temple Owls allow 31.5 points per game while scoring only 17 points per. Houston has a Top 20 defense.

The Cougars only allow 15.3 points per. 65% of college football handicappers are all over Houston.

68% of NCAAF handicappers believe Pittsburgh covers the 20-point spread versus Rice. Rice just isn’t a very good football team.

Pittsburgh doesn’t have a great squad, but it should have no trouble squashing a team like Rice after battling Penn State, Oklahoma State, and Georgia Tech.

3-Team Parlay Add:  South Florida -23 at East Carolina


What Are Bettors Thinking?

The South Florida Bulls are currently ranked in the Top 20. East Carolina is just a truly bad football team. The Bulls should easily cover the spread even though the game takes place at East Carolina.

4-Team Parlay Add:  Mississippi State at Auburn -9


What are Bettors Thinking?

Georgia just pummeled Mississippi State 31 to 3 in College Football Week 4. Auburn barely lost to Clemson. There’s no way that Mississippi State belongs on the same field as Auburn. 64% of online bookies are all over Auburn. That’s a high percentage for a ranked SEC team at -9 points to cover against another ranked SEC team.

5-Team Parlay Add: Georgia -7 at Tennessee


What are Bettors Thinking?

Georgia pummeled Mississippi State. The Bulldogs appear dead set on staying undefeated. Tennessee isn’t as good this season as they were last season. 64% of bettors are all over Georgia.


Why Per Head Agents Should Promote These Parlays

Houston, South Florida, and Georgia are all on the road. It’s much tougher for a college football team to cover a spread on the road than it is for a college football team to cover a spread at home.

That’s the first flaw in the bettors’ thinking. The bettors are also spending too much time thinking about last week. Football, like any sport, has its ups and downs.

 It’s rare that a team full of pre-22-year old college students are going to play great week to week.

Georgia demolished Mississippi State. That’s why online bookie agents want to promote Georgia at -7 at Tennessee to be a part of any parlays.

Mississippi State bombed in its first test. That doesn’t mean Miss State won’t regroup versus an Auburn team that has trouble scoring against good defensive teams.

By thinking like bettors, per head agents can promote parlay bets that are most likely to lead to bookmaking profits. 

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