5 Important Pay Per Head Features To Consider Ahead Of NFL Season

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September 7, 2017 will mark the first match of the NFL tournament between Kansas City Chiefs and their hosts New England Patriots. That will be the debut match that will give way to a completely new season that will open way for real action. Everyone has been talking about this for months now and until the kick off, much would have taken place.

 The Pay per head agents using online bookie software from PremierPerhHead are now in the best position to make real cash. However, before you jump into thinking about the amount of ‘juice’ you are going to make, it is important to contemplate on the possibility of utilizing what features that in turn will lead to that profit.

Long before September 7th, college football started. That means more action, more money in PPH bookies and their agents. But don’t you think as a bookie you need to stand out from you competitors? If that is what you feel, then it is time you look at these five (5) features that will definitely help you make even more profit:

1. TV Listings

It is a good thing that you take into account of TV Listings not just for the information provided but also at the way the listings have been arranged.

For instance, we have Monday Night Football, followed by Thursday Night Football, then going to Sunday Night Football. That should be the way the listings must appear not jumping from Monday to Saturday or Sunday and then Thursday or Wednesday.

2. Layoff Account

This is absolutely important tool. As you may have known by now, the layoff account will assist you to know which side to lay off clients’ money. It should be on one side.

For instance, suppose 95% of the total wagers have been given KC against New England on the debut match, it is up to you as a bookie to balance the wagering.

3. Settle Alert

This is yet another tool that bookies should learn to wield properly.  The Settle Alert is responsible for setting pre-settles before the actual time.

But it is also important to note that it will not be of any use to a bookie if a client doesn’t make more bets.

4. Live Betting Reports

Whether it is Monday Night Football or Thursday Night Football or any other day’s football, it is of utmost important that clients access Live Betting At PremierPerHead.com.

On the side of a bookie or pay per head agent, there must be a way to see live reports. This in turn will increase profits from your bookie business.

5. Line Mover

Every pay per head agent should have a line mover. This is of absolute importance. The work of this tool is to assist in ensuring you have lines move freely especially when you think there would lots of wagering activity on your site.

Remember that for a PPH site to balance, it is natural that you need to have winners and at the same time there should be losers.

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