2023-24 Heisman Odds Are Still Available

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The 2023 Heisman Trophy finalists were announced Monday.


The final four wasn't a surprise to anyone as Jayden Daniels, Michael Penix Jr., Bo Nix and Marvin Harrison Jr. is the quartet vying for the illustrious accolade.

We’re one of the only books still offering Heisman odds as many believe this race is a foregone conclusion with Daniels ultimately accepting the stiff-arm statue.

But there are some pundits in the Penix Jr. camp. It really comes down to whether a voter prefers individual player production or overall team success. If the former, Daniels is your guy, but if the latter...Penix should pull off the upset.

Here are the current odds as well as highs/lows in terms of odds for each of the Heisman candidates:

Heisman Trophy


Jayden Daniels              -1000

Michael Penix Jr.           +700

Bo Nix                          +1600

Marvin Harrison Jr.        +6600


High/Low Heisman Odds


    Jayden Daniels - On September 10, Daniels was +5000 (highest). Today, he is -1000 (lowest).
    Michael Penix Jr. - On November 28, Penix Jr. was +2500 (highest). On October 14, he was -175 (lowest).
    Bo Nix - On October 16, Nix was +4000 (highest). On November 28, he was -300 (lowest).
    Marvin Harrison Jr. - Today, Harrison Jr. is +6600 (highest). On October 14, he was +400 (lowest).


Additionally, the sportsbook has posted early CFP Championship game spreads for the four possible matchups. Here are those lines:


    Alabama (-3.5) vs. Texas
    Alabama (-6.5) vs. Washington
    Washington vs. Michigan (-6.5)
    Texas vs. Michigan (-3.5)


Here’s a fun little rundown of bowl game stats and notes. These were compiled yesterday at noon so double-check numbers as some have likely changed.

Bowl Game Odds Stats and Notes

    There are 41 Bowl Games before the CFP Title Game
    If there have been changes to the initial lines, it is notated.
    These lines will most likely be the most volatile of any Bowl Season ever due to all the QB’s that are now in the transfer portal and won’t play in the Bowl Games.
    Of the 41 games, seven are double figure spreads.

The largest spread is South Alabama (-17) vs Eastern Michigan

    Of the 41 games, here are some totals’ notes
        The highest total is 65, Kansas vs UNLV and Liberty vs Oregon
        The lowest total is 35½, Iowa vs Tennessee
        7 games have totals in 60’s
        16 games have totals in the 40’s
        16 games have totals in the 50’s
        2 games have a total in the 30’s
    Power Five Conference Spread Notes
        The ACC is favored in five games and underdogs in six games
        The Big 10 is favored in four games and underdogs in four games.
        The Big 12 is favored in six games and underdogs in three games.
        The Pac-12 is favored in six games and underdogs in two games.
        The SEC is favored in five games and underdogs in four games.

Finally, here are the latest FCS Playoffs futures. Game lines will be available tomorrow.


FCS Championship


South Dakota State       -225

Montana                      +400

North Dakota State       +600

Idaho                            +1800

Albany                          +4000

South Dakota                +5000

Villanova                      +7500

Furman                        +10000

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