2018 NFC Conference Championship Betting Preview

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For the first time since 2009, the Philadelphia Eagles are back in the NFC Championship game this time they will try to stop the Minnesota Vikings from becoming the hosts of Super Bowl LII, set to be played on Sunday, February 4th, 2018 at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Will the Vikings Be this yearís Super Bowl Hosts?

The Eagles defied all odds to get here after Carson Wentz got injured in December and Nick Foles took over, most bookies did not think the team could still be in the running to become the NFC champions, yet here we are.

Credit should be given to the team that has been so effective in running the ball, because while Nick Foles has not been bad he has not been outstanding, for this reason, Philadelphia's head coach Doug Peterson will likely implement a lot of running plays instead of relying on his quarterback as much as the team did earlier in the season.

This means that the Minnesota Vikings will do their best to take out the Eagles capacity to run the ball, and with the kind of defense they have, they have a good chance of making this happen. Not to mention they are coming from a huge win over the New Orleans Saints, and they are fired up.

However, they are on the road for this Championship game which may favor the Eagles slightly, despite being the visiting team most bookmakers have them as 3.5-point favorites, this may be flattering but it can also be ominous, the last time the Vikings were road favorites in the NFC Championship, they got humiliated by the New York Giants, losing the game by an incredible 41-0 score back in 2001.

Maybe it was because of this, or simply because the Vikings are a better all-around team than the Eagles that www.AcePerHead.com has them favored by 3 points instead of 3.5 that most of its competitors have them at.

The key to success for Minnesota lies in its offensive team's ability to score big and fast, this season the Vikings are 12-1 SU once they've scored 20 points or more in a game. They will have to work for it this time around though, as the Eagles defense is not to be taken lightly. We are talking about two teams with strong defenses, which is why Ace Per Head.com has the total for this game at 39, meaning both teams will have a hard time scoring against each other.

While most models predict the Vikings will come out victorious in this game, this post-season has been unpredictable, and both teams have fought hard to get to where they are, having a scenario like the one we saw back in 2001 where the Vikings did not score a single point is not likely to happen again. If Minnesota can curtail the Eagle's rushing attack, then it is all but a done deal because Philadelphia's aerial game is averaging 234 yards per game which is more than the 197 yards the Vikings secondary is allowing its opponents.

In such a close match, sharp odds are what make the difference between making a killing and not losing your shirt, and there is only one place who always has the sharpest lines, Ace Per Head.

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