2018 AFC Betting Championship Preview

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The New England Patriots are back on familiar territory hosting yet another AFC Championship game as the undisputed favorites.

Will the Patriots Keep their Winning Streak?

There is a good reason why, they are 10-1 ATS in their last 11 games; they are 12-5 ATS for the entire season, New England is also ranked #1 in offense with Tom Brady front and center after the Steelers were eliminated by the Jaguars this past Sunday.

Let's remember that the Jacksonville Jaguars have clawed their way into this championship game, and they are ranked as #1 defense in the postseason, meaning they could put a stump on Brady's plans on Sunday.

While the odds are still highly in favor of New England, their chances of going 11-1 ATS are not looking so good. The Pittsburgh Steelers were ranked #1 in offense in the postseason, with the Patriots are a distant second if the Jaguars defense managed to beat Pittsburgh they have a real chance of doing some damage to the Patriots dream of yet another Super Bowl ring.

The Patriots will not go down without a fight, their defense has made an outstanding rebound after their disappointing start this season, in their last 13 games they have only allowed an average of 14 points, and they are much better when playing at home, their last 6 home games they have allowed less than 13 points per game.

In comparison, the Jacksonville defense has allowed an average of 32 points on their last four road games, this could put them at a serious disadvantage when playing against a team with such an impressive home record.

But let us not forget this post-season has been full of surprises, point in case, nobody expected the Jaguars to knock the Steelers out of the post-season, can they do it again? Looking at the stats for this postseason, underdogs are 7-1 ATS and have won 4 games outright, when it comes to Jacksonville, they certainly have the right team spirit and motivation, whether they can translate this to an actual win in New England's home turf remains to be seen, but the game could be closer than most expect.

Most sportsbooks and pay per heads don't seem to be giving the Jaguars much of a chance, the line opened at most places with the Patriots favored by 8.5, in contrast, www.AcePerHead.com which is known for its sharp lines has New England as an 8-point favorite. If you are a bookie you understand the importance of a half point and the implications it can have on your profits.

There are less than a handful of games before we kiss this NFL season goodbye and every bookie is trying to make the best of it, competitive odds is what makes the difference in this industry, and working with a pay per head which has established its reputation based on continuously posting the most competitive odds is always good.

As for the total in the game, the over has been the best bet when the Patriots are the home team, and the Jaguars have gone over in 4 out of their last 6 games, so it makes sense that AcePerHead.com has the total at 46.5 while other competitors have it at 46.

If you want to offer the sharpest line for the AFC Conference Final you need to switch to AcePerHead.com today!

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