2011 Super Bowl National Anthem Bet

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Jordan Bach
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Christina Aguilera National Anthem Bet

BetUS.com was offering the popular 2011 Super Bowl National Anthem bet.  This year, the National Anthem will be sung by the amazing Christina Aguilera.

Length of the National Anthem is anticipated to go beyond 1 minute and 56 seconds as BetUS.com had this as the -150 favorite.  You would wager $15 to win $10 (the bet is refunded if you win, therefore the profit is $10 for every $15 bet).

Over 1min and 56sec     -150

Under 1min and 56sec              +110 (pays $11 for every $10 bet)

Christina Aguilera must sing the National Anthem. Clock starts as soon as Christina sings first Note and Stops when she sings her last note. Betus final word on grading.

Gambling911.com suggests checking out past YouTube videos of Aguilera singing the National Anthem. 

BetUS.com was also offering odds on whether Christina Aguilera wearsa cowboy hat while singing The “Yes” pays $25 for every $10 bet.

Some sportsbooks were offering odds on the color of her hair and even on how long she holds the last night.

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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