2010 Week 5 NFL Picks From Carrie Stroup

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Carrie Stroup
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2010 Week 5 NFL Picks

Carrie Stroup here with my 2010 Week 5 NFL picks.  As always, I’ll be betting against the public.  All of my plays thus far this season have been on underdogs.

My first pick for Week 5 is on the Washington Redskins, who throughout much of the week were getting only around 10 percent of the betting action as a +2 ½ underdog.  They continued to get around the same amount of volume as of Saturday night.  Again, my play here is on the Washington Redskins at +2 ½.

Another team I like, but only slightly, is the Arizona Cardinals as a +7 home underdog against the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.  I say “slightly” because there is still decent enough action on the Cards at around 35 percent.  Typically my plays consist of teams getting only 25 percent or less of the public betting action. 

I also like the Cleveland Browns as +3 home underdogs against the Atlanta Falcons.  The Falcons are getting around 87 percent of the betting action in this game, though the amount of volume coming in on Atlanta is much less than the Saints as of Saturday night.

These are my 2010 Week 5 NFL picks and I wish you all the best of luck.

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