2009 AFC Preview and Predictions

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Tony George
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2009 AFC Preview

This 2009 AFC preview along with various predictions is courtesy of Mike Alexander.

American Conference

AFC East Division

New England Patriots - This NFL Picks, in my opinion is a no brainer. Sure their destiny sits on the knee of Tom Brady with no viable backup QB but you can't argue their overall talent. They should win this NFL Picks division easily.

Miami Dolphins - I put the fish in this NFL Picks spot really by default. Sure they had a banner year last season but they won't be taken lightly anymore. Besides they have to play New England twice and the Pats won't be fooled by that "Wildcat" offense again.

Buffalo Bills - The Bills actually have the tools to come in second in this division but the devisive T.O. should take them down a peg. Expect them to get out of the NFL Picks blocks fast but once T.O. doesn't get the ball expect the fireworks to start.

NY Jets - They will be pinning their hopes on rookie Sanchez. Not a good position to be in considering that New England and Miami should have some decent defenses this season.

AFC South

Tennessee Titans - The Titans, in my opinion, are the most underrated team in the AFC. They have a great coach, a good ground game, and stellar defense. Hopefully the passing of McNair would get into their heads and get them off to a slow NFL Picks start.

Houston Texans - It's time for Kubiak to finally make some noise this season. They have a solid offense and this season have made some acquisitions on the other side of the ball that will improve their defense. Won't be a surprise to me for them to challenge for the top NFL Picks spot.

Indianapolis Colts - As much as Peyton wants to play off not having his old head coach and offensive coordinator, don't believe it! Dungy had more of an impact on this team than you think and his replacement is no Dungy. Out of the playoffs this season is my prediction.

Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags slide last season was blamed mostly on the multiple injuries to the offensive line. I believe that Del Rio has lost the respect of the team and no longer can drive them. Look for them to sink to the bottom of their division.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers are getting old so unless they start to plan for the future this could be their last season at the top. But none the less, they have enough talent to at least split with Baltimore and take both Cleveland and Cincinnati which should be good enough to win the division.

Baltimore Ravens - HC Harbaugh certainly has the Ravens hungry for a title. But the offense is still a bit of a question and simply doesn't score enough. The defense will be it's stellar self again but leader Ray Lewis is getting older. None the less, it will be a dog fight to the NFL Picks end against the Steelers.

Cleveland Browns - Cleveland once again breaks in a new coach. QB situation still a question and long term Brady Quinn is probably the right answer. But not this season. They'll be lucky to be a part of the .500 club.

Cincinnati Bengals - Cincinnati looks to have upgraded some talent in the off season but I still question Palmers ablity. He's still not the same since the injury and without him hitting on all cylinders they'll likely be battling the Browns for the bottom.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers - With Merriman back the Charger defense should be much improved. If they can avoid a slow start again they should walk away with this division. They simply have too much talent.

Denver Broncos - Not so sure that Denver owner was in right frame of mind went getting young coach Josh. All he did was to piss off QB Cutler and ended up with the Bears. Too much turmoil to seriously grab this division.

Kansas City - Not sure what the Chiefs were thinking in spending all that money on Cassel. Sure he had a great NFL Picks season with the Pats last year but look what he had to work with? Not even close to that level in KC. They Chiefs will challenge the Raiders for the bottom.

Oakland Raiders - The Raiders continue to be one of the worst franchises in the NFL, losing the most games of any teams over the last six NFL Picks season. Not much hope here!

Looking at the Wild Card race I believe that Baltimore (or Steelers if the Ravens overtake them) and Houston will grab the final NFL Picks playoff spots. Once the Playoff funs begin look for the Patriots and Chargers to tangle in the AFC Championship game with the Pats meeting the Bears.

The Pats will be looking for revenege with the Bears totally dismantled them in their last Super Bowl matchup. This years NFL Picks Champion goes once again to the New England Patriots.

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