Meet Fliff, the New AI Sports Prediction Game That Has One Goal: Destroy the Bookie

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Jagajeet Chiba
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AI is coming at the speed of light so prepare yourselves.  If you are a sports gambler, you may want to get acquainted with Fliff.


It bills itself as the "next generation social sportsbook", a "prediction game that never ends". 

But unlike Chaos-GPT, which announced its intention to "destroy humanity" last week, Fliff only wants to kill off the bookies.

Let's face it.  This Artificial Intelligence thing has many of us here at shaking in our boots.  Just think, an AI can write about CardPlayer founders winning their own tournaments in under 30 seconds.  And we don't have to pay the AI.  Sorry Tom Somach. Unlike Somach, who has some feelings, the AI won't care if Barry and Allyn Shulman block it on Facebook. 

Fliff is probably still no match for the real live bookmakers the likes of Dave Mason of BetOnline. And it's not as mean as Chaos-GPT ("Establish global dominance", "Cause chaos and destruction").  It still has talent, we suspect.

Fliff's goals are to be challenging for sports fans by turning the prediction of game outcomes  into an immersive, fun and social experience.  Lower the stakes while elevating the fun for sports enthusiasts.  There's no sweating here.


"We’ve unpacked sports betting into play-for-fun gaming. Fliff is sports predictions built on social competition with promotional games and loyalty rewards to elevate the experience. A slam dunk for sports fans everywhere!

"We believe it is possible to create a game in which everyone can win. For us, winning means creating a top class experience that maximizes the enjoyment and entertainment of our users."

The Philadelphia and Sofia, Bulgaria-based Fliff also doesn't have to kiss the ass of the American Gaming Association, since it doesn't incorporate real money gambling.  This means Fliff can be competitive.  Players win real cash prizes without placing actual wagers.  Those 18 and up are welcome.

Affiliates can get in on the action too, and they are.  We are seeing them being promoted by some of the leading gaming affiliate companies in the industry.  They appear to use a referral code model.

Machine Learning Can Personalize Sports Betting

Almost overnight there has been a seismic shift in how people consume sports, as rights are licensed across a broadening array of distribution platforms, and consumption of sports becomes more elastic, with fans bouncing back and forth frantically between media, writes Chris Reynolds, Special Contributor to Sportico, and not an AI, we don't think.

Reynolds is actually involved in the tech center.  His sports engagement platform, OneTwoSee, was acquired by Comcast in 2016. Reynolds and his team assisted Comcast in integrating services like daily fantasy alongside personalized content within the xfinity interface.

"We relied on three key tenets to achieve these goals: Understand, Personalize and Connect the user."

He continued: "These same three key tenets are the foundational building blocks of our new business, We leverage our AI and machine learning platform to provide our partners with the ability to better understand their users, deliver recommendations and connect their users to the content they desire when they want it."

Reynolds points to an 80% retention rate and increased bet volume per session.

"Customers expect personalization. Companies that embrace this tenet will have a distinct market advantage," he writes.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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