Where to Bet on USA vs. England World Cup Game Online?

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Where can you bet on the USA vs. England World Cup game online?  Check out all the proud Gambling911.com sponsors here.  All are offering nearly every bet imaginable on the 2010 World Cup including USA vs. England betting odds.  In most cases Team USA would pay out US$55 or greater for every US$10 bet should they win.  Betting on England requires around a US$20 bet to win US$10 (with the US$20 bet refunded should they win).  There is actually pretty good value here considering that nearly every expert has England to win handedly (sorry Team USA). 

It is crucial when betting on the USA vs. England World Cup matchup online to open an account as fast as possible as the process takes a few minutes.  Most online sportsbooks do offer credit card (Mastercard and Visa - NOT Amex) options along with eChecks.

You will find countless online sportsbooks over the Internet touting how great they are.  Gambling911.com sponsors pay top dollar to be on the site so you will only be playing with companies that have strong financial capital and currently all the sportsbooks found at Gambling911.com have been in business for 10 years or longer. 

Use this page for all your 2010 World Cup betting needs.

Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor


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