Pay Per Heads Scrambling for World Cup

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The 2018 World Cup starts in a week and if you haven’t yet brought your players into the fold then now is the time to get in gear. This event is a world class venue with world class teams kicking off what is better known as the NCAA Tournament of soccer. With just 32 teams in the event there will be nearly twice as many games as the field of 68 in the tournament. Double elimination is the name of the game and every country will be putting it on the line for a piece of this pie.

Becoming a bookie is easy, maintaining a book is the hard work

Are you a bookie that’s looking for help, for answers and are you looking to improve your bottom line? Then you must take a look at what a pay per head service offers. There is simply no better way to do business as a bookie then with a PPH. You will praise the day that you made the switch and you will curse the day that you didn’t. Really, it will make a dramatic difference in your work load and your bottom line. Your customers will love that fact that you have left the 90’s and clung to the new. Not everything new is grand, but a pay per head most certainly will change you experience as a bookmaker.

No more running around the neighborhood collecting, no more running around paying out and no more hassle. Your customers come to you; online. Who doesn’t want this? It’s an all-inclusive online sportsbook/racebook and casino. You will have all the tools that the big boys have but none of the hassle. Your sportsbook will look exactly like the big boys and nobody will be the wiser. You might have three customers or you might have 3,000! It works the same for one as it does 900.

How do pay per head services work?

A pay per head service or better known as a (PPH) is a service provided by a PPH provider. There are many of them online and you can read the reviews for the great ones and the not so great. What they provide is a 247 pph service to bookmakers or bookies. Absolutely anybody can sign up with a PPH. You do not need a huge clientele base and you do not need money! You already bankroll your bookie operation so you have that covered. What you are doing with a PPH is moving that client base (and again we use the term loosely simply for the reason that you can have one client or 3,000) to an online sportsbook.

Real Bookies - Three Ways Pay Per Head Keeps Private Bookies Profitable

A PPH is a turnkey readymade sportsbook that offers wagering on all of the major sports and all of the non-major sports such as rugby, Lacrosse and many others. Not only does a PPH offer everything any other online sportsbook offers, they also offer a full casino with a racebook for your horse customers.

What’s the catch?

Really nothing. The great thing about a PPH is the low cost of the service. The way providers make their money is by doing exactly what the name indicates; they charge per head. What this means is that for every client you have, you will be charged a nominal flat fee of around $10 per head or $10 per player. This is a onetime flat fee, per head per week and you only pay if they play during the week at least one time or at least one wager.

The World Cup is here and now is the time to get in on great promotions from PPH service providers. The best ones out there will offer you a free trial and it’s not just a day or two, it’s several weeks. Jump in, check it out and read the reviews. You will be glad you did.

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