Falcons Jaguars London Game Promising Big Losses for Books With Jags Cover

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Tyrone Black
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Ahead of Sunday's early morning game in London between the Falcons and Jaguars, Jacksonville was seeing all the public love.

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As of Saturday afternoon, Jacksonville was seeing 80% of the cash coming in ($166K) vs. Atlanta ($42K). If you see any of the sharp books move this number down to -2.5, the odds are pretty good Atlanta is covering at least.  It's interesting this number is not budging off the 3 as of Saturday afternoon. That is still an indication that the Falcons have this.

Sagarin shows an overlay of 2 points. 

In college football at least, consensus plays with 70% or more of the action when either the tickets or cash or both were seeing 80% of the action or more have gone 15-3 for the house through Week 4.  Cash and tickets seeing over 80% in college football, the house was 21-9.  We should have NFL numbers after this week.

Outside of the Atlanta area, bookies stand to lose quite a bit with this early game.

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Game Props

JAX Total Touchdowns O/U 2.5
ATL Total Touchdowns O/U 2.5
JAX Total Field Goals O/U 1.5
ATL Total Field Goals O/U 1.5
Time of First Score O/U 7 (mins elapsed)
3 Straight Scores by Either Team
Team to Score Last
Team to Score First
Highest Scoring Half
Race to 10 Points
Race to 15 Points
Race to 20 Points
Will there be a safety
Big Win Little Win (pts)
Largest Lead (either team) O/U 14.5
Will JAX Score on their First Drive
Will ATL Score on their First Drive
Defensive or special teams TD scored
Longest Touchdown O/U 34.5 Yards
Any Team to Score 40+ Points
Both Teams to Score 19.5
Both Teams to Score 24.5
First score of Game is Touchdown
Team to Score First Wins
Team to Score Last Wins
Will there be Overtime
Will there be a Scoreless Quarter
Total Points Odd
Total First Downs O/U 39.5
Most First Downs
First Drive Result

Margin of Victory

Rot     Winning Margin     Moneyline
3089     Falcons to win by 1-6 pts         +330
3090     Falcons to win by 7-12 pts         +625
3091     Falcons to win by 13-18 pts         +1100
3092     Falcons to win by 19-24 pts         +2200
3093     Falcons to win by 25-30 pts         +4500
3094     Falcons to win by 31-36 pts         +7000
3095     Falcons to win by 37-42 pts         +10000
3096     Falcons to win by 43 or More pts         +11000
3097     Jaguars to win by 1-6 pts         +300
3098     Jaguars to win by 7-12 pts         +425
3099     Jaguars to win by 13-18 pts         +650
3100     Jaguars to win by 19-24 pts         +1200
3101     Jaguars to win by 25-30 pts         +2200
3102     Jaguars to win by 31-36 pts         +4000
3103     Jaguars to win by 37-42 pts         +7000
3104     Jaguars to win by 43 or More pts         +10000
3105     Tie     

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- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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