ESPN Bet Suspending Accounts, Others Just Hate the App

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Checking out the Twittersphere during Monday night's football game between the Bears and Vikings, there were not a lot of kind words towards the newly launched ESPN Bet.


ESPN was heavily advertising its new wagering app during intermissions.

Some gamblers were complaining that their accounts had been suspended.

"Unsuspend my account and allow me to access MY money. Unacceptable."

"Account was suspended for no reason. Reactivate my account so I can access MY money, or I will be forced to take legal action."

"Glad I finally signed up, got my 200 in bonus bets, and turned that shit into 1400....screw that app!
Isn't even user friendly!"

"Why the fuck does ESPN bet take so long to pay out bets."

The criticism comes a day after reports began surfacing that ESPN Bet counts winning parlays as a push if just one team pushes.  In other words, win eight legs in your bet and a ninth is a push, the whole parlay is a push.

It is in their rules.

"If one or more selections in a same game parlay portion of a Parlay+ wagers settles as a push (for example, due to a total ending up exactly on the number that was selected), the same game parlay portion of the Parlay+ wager that contains the applicable selection will be deemed a push, except if a same game portion of the parlay portion results in a loss."


As for the commercial...

"The ESPN bet commercials might be worse than their app," one person tweeted.

"I had no interest in ESPNBet, but now I do after repeatedly seeing their commercial intended to make men look like schmucks."

The feedback wasn't all bad.  ESPN Bet was seeing massive downloads its first week live.

"ESPN bet odds and payouts are so much better then fan duel..I’ve been slimming parlays to 3-7 legs tops and cashing multiples every night…make 3-5 nba tickets you will be in the +"

The ESPN Bet app is operated by Penn National.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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