ESPN Bet Parlays Push, All Other Legs Win, Still a Push?

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Gilbert Horowitz
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ESPN Bet winning parlays where a single team pushes apparently turn the entire parlay bet into a push.


Rules may differ across various sportsbooks, so we grabbed Forbes explanation of how parlays are supposed to work.

If one or more legs in your parlay end in a push (neither a win nor a loss), that leg will be removed from the parlay and the odds will adjust to include the remaining bets. (For instance, a four-team parlay in which one leg pushes and the other three legs win pays out as a three-team parlay.

Our friends at AmericasBookie agree.

In order to cash in on a parlay bet, all the games included must be winners or at the very least end as a PUSH. The payout odds are enhanced for a parlay as opposed to betting each game on its own, but the degree of difficulty is dialed up with every team you add to the list.

Not the case at ESPN Bet, according to what one gambler posted Sunday.

And @Nickthepicker is capable of making some noise.  His Twitter following is close to 85,000.

"ESPN might take the lead as the shittiest book with this rule.  Get a push in your parlay while everything else wins.  Here is your money back for the bet."

"This has to be a mistake? Like insane," he added.

And a good question from Dirk Anthony (we think we know the answer):

"Is this a push if the bet loses? My guess is no."

But as another follower noted, ESPN Bet indeed has this in their rules, at least where Same Game Parlays are concerned. 

"If one or more selections in a same game parlay portion of a Parlay+ wagers settles as a push (for example, due to a total ending up exactly on the number that was selected), the same game parlay portion of the Parlay+ wager that contains the applicable selection will be deemed a push, except if a same game portion of the parlay portion results in a loss."

The rules go on to state that remaining selections in the Parlay+ wager will be graded in accordance with the Operator's house rules.

Others chimed into say they've only experienced this with one or two other books, most notably PointsBet, which is now operated by Fanatics.

Another book that had this same rule: Barstool Sportsbook.

Barstool Sportsbook transitioned into ESPN Bet two weeks ago. The site is operated by Penn National.

Mark Buchholz writes:  "Glad I haven’t downloaded the app, but feel bad for the person getting screwed here. Unacceptable."

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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