What Will Chris Brown and Rhianna Do Next?

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Odds have been placed on the Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco and the news that this young couple may be back together again.

Fans, industry executives, and agents alike were horrified when they learned of Rihanna's abuse at the hands of Chris Brown weeks ago. They were even more shocked yesterday when it was learned that the two would be reuniting. Fans across the world are outraged and looking for answers. This being the case, BetUS.com posted odds on what lies ahead for the young couple.

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following odds on Rihanna and Chris Brown's future:

What will Chris Brown and Rihanna do next in 2009?

         Break Up   1/3

         Get Married   2/1

Will Chris Brown "strike" again in 2009?

         Yes   2/3

         No   11/10

When will Chris Brown and Rihanna break up?

         March - April   9/5

         May - July   3/1

         August - October   5/2

         November - December   3/1

         Next Year   6/5

Will Chris Brown see jail time for his charge?

         Yes   2/1

         No   1/3

Will fans boycott Chris Brown's music?

         Yes   1/4

         No   5/2

Will Chris Brown enter therapy in 2009?

         Yes   5/9

         No   7/5

Will Rihanna beat Chris Brown up in 2009

         Yes   5/2

         No   1/4

Will Rihanna sue Chris Brown up in 2009?

         Yes   5/9

         No   7/5

Odds that Chris Brown comes out of the closet in 2009

         Yes   4/1

No   1/7

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