Twitter Plus Poker Plus Drinking Equals Trouble

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Why do professional poker players insist on using Twitter when they are drunk?

Maria Ho almost always seems wasted or about to get wasted if you read her Twitter posts, and she is far from alone.

This past week, UltimateBet.com spokesperson, Phil Hellmuth, really raised a few eyebrows when he hit the Twitter circuit inebriated.

Hellmuth has since taken down the Twitter updates made during this "questionable" time in his existence.

Phil_Hellmuth on twitter: I am drinking tonight, in fact way too much! Maybe 6 total shots in 5 hours. Just landed in bay area...

I have never had a drinking problem, never. But here i am having another beer! Moosehead Beer is good! Thats 6 in 6 hours.

Called Layne Flack to tell him to tell me to stop drinking! But he said, ‘U have everything, enjoy yourself.' Opening another Moosehead (such surprising advice coming from Layne)

What the F@&/k is going on here? 7 drinks in 6 hours, and i just cracked another Moosehead...Watching ‘Supertramp' on youtube at home

I am Dissapointed in myself...8 drinks in 6 and 30 mins. And I want more! F it, opening 1 more Moosehead!!

I guess I will have a hangover, just finishing 9 drinks in 7 hours! Listening to Beatles ‘Something in the way she moves' on youtube

9 drinks down in 7 hours...Trying Red Tail Ale, yuck! Michelob, pass. Blue Moon Rasberry Cream, horrible!!

Ok, completely wasted now. Listening to Beatles ‘Strawberry Fields' and opening a bottle of Innskillin ‘Vidal' pouring a glass.

Listening to Beatles ‘I am the walrus' by myself while drinking number 10 drink...Embarassed to drink so much!! Help!

I am so drunk I cannot lose!!!! Going to play high stakes limit Hold'em at UB now!!

Lost 16k at no limit

Now throwing my cell phone accross my desk in disgust...And still drinking...12 down, i hate alcohol...


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