Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant Odds

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Carrie Stroup
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Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Contest

This Wednesday marks an epic day in radio listening and online wagering. The ‘King of all Media' Howard Stern will be hosting a Tiger Woods Mistress beauty contest that features the numerous alleged Tiger Woods' mistresses. Supposedly he needs four entrants to have a pageant and odds makers at Sportsbook.com believe that they've nailed the FINAL FOUR ahead of NCAA Selection Sunday.

Sportsbook.com has published odds on the contest, adding legitimacy as well as demonstrating it's not just sports you can bet on.  In fact, if it's a contest, they'll run the odds, and if you're right, you can win.

Behind every line, there's a story and the oddsmakers at Sportsbook.com believe they've got this wrapped up.

"When I heard Stern was having this contest, we wanted our bettors to be able to bet on the outcome - and like every contest, it matters more when there's money riding on the outcome" stated Sportsbook.com spokesperson Dave Staley, a long time Stern Fan.

Here is an in depth look at the potential contestants along with the odds. Comments provided by Dave Staley himself.

L. Jolie (5-2)

"From the pics we've seen, she definitely passes the ‘look test'. If she participates, will her job of being a high priced escort have a negative impact on the judges? Oh I forgot, this is Stern we are talking about - would probably have a positive impact.

C. Rist (5-2)

"Not sure what she does for work, I saw somewhere she was a ‘club goer'; could probably use the cash and she also looks like Howard's type"

H. Sampson (3-1)

"This is where it gets interesting. Working as an adult film actress, you have to think she'll definitely want show her stuff on Stern."

J. James (5-1)

"ditto on Sampson's comments"

J. Jungers (5-1)

"I'm picking this girl as a semi-dark horse. She is a Las Vegas model which I assume is like a promo model. Can definitely see her entering the contest and going deep"

J. Grubbs (5-1)

"I believe this was the young lass that shared the infamous voicemail messages from Tiger. She definitely is attractive but I don't think she enters the contest, just a hunch."

K. Moquin (8-1)

"I keep going back and forth with this gal. Although attractive, I don't think she enters the contest. She is supposedly a nightclub marketing manager, which is a solid job, I think..."

M. Braun (8-1)

"The only pic I saw of her was a mug shot which wasn't very impressive, could be some value here is she dresses up nice, or has a nicy body..."

J. Postle (8-1)

"After looking at her pic again, I think there might be some value here. She is a cocktail waitress so I'm thinking she might be able to use the extra cash"

T. Rogers (20-1)

"This 40+ year old cougar definitely has some nice MILF qualities to her. She just seems to be keeping things quiet and Howard usually prefers the younger girls anyways."

Mindy Lawton (20-1)

"I don't think this IHOP manager/waitress has what it takes to make it very far. She is a little more weathered than some of the other potential contestants."

Rachel Uchitel (20-1)

"Reportedly she can't participate due to an arrangement made with the Woods faction. If she could, she'd definitely be the favorite, she has that kind of potential."

Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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