Super Bowl LI Commercials Betting Props: James Harden, Peyton Manning

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Bookmaker was featuring Super Bowl LI commercials betting props that focus on James Harden and Peyton Manning. 

James Harden appearing in a commercial during Super Bowl LI was favored at -200 or 1/2.  The NO would pay out $15.50 for every $10 bet.

The other commercial betting prop was on Peyton Manning and how many Super Bowl 51 ads he would appear in.  This was an OVER/UNDER bet with the OVER 1.5 listed at -380.  It pays $10 on a $38 bet (the $10 will be refunded assuming the bet is a winner).  The UNDER 1.5 will pay $27.50 for every $10 bet and obviously requires a nominal risk.

    -- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com


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