Super Bowl Carrie Underwood National Anthem Prop Bet

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Tyrone Black
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Super Bowl Carrie Underwood National Anthem Prop Bet

The Super Bowl Carrie Underwood National Anthem prop bet promises to be among the most popular as it was last year when Jennifer Hudson sang it.  Prop bets will encompass some 80 percent of all Super Bowl betting and, make no mistake about it, this is among the most highly anticipated at online gambling sites the likes of

They were offering an OVER/UNDER of 1 minute, 41 seconds on how long it takes Underwood to sing the National Anthem. suggests taking the OVER as it pays nearly even odds.  The UNDER requires some degree of risk.  

The oddsmakers spend a significant time studying how long it takes the average person to sing the National Anthem compared to Underwood's singing style.

Like with Jennifer Hudson last year, the folks at (and gamblers as well) have at their disposal to study past Carrie Underwood National Anthem performances.

This will not be the first time that Underwood is the subject of a significant betting frenzy.  Her appearance in the American Idol finale helped establish the show as one of the most wagered on reality contests on television. 

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