Super Bowl 2010: Bets That Make Sense

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Tyrone Black
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Super Bowl 2010

When it comes to Super Bowl 2010, there were a few standout bets that made especially good sense considering recent past history and other variables.

Peyton Manning winning Super Bowl 2010 MVP was one such bet.  Odds favor the Colts winning the big game and, should that happen, we don't see anyone other than Manning being named Super Bowl MVP.  These odds were available at Sports

Indianapolis Colts on the money line at -200.  Sure the risk is $20 to win $10 (the $20 bet is refunded should the Colts win outright), but there are good trends that make all the difference in the world between winning outright and covering a line of -4 ½ to -6. 

All but two of the last eleven Super Bowls were won by the favorite, however, 4 of those games were won by only 3 points (below the current spread). 

Another bet likes in the Super Bowl 2010 is an obscure wager found at Sports Interaction. 

Will a member of The Who smash a guitar during the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

With odds that pay $16.50 for every $10 bet on the "NO", we say bet it!

The Who were known for smashing their instruments and they might want to do something a little edgy. No wardrobe malfunction though please!

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