Snake on a Train: Bookmaker Considers Odds on the Bronx Zoo Cobra Being Captured

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Bronx Zoo Cobra Odds of Being Captured

Day Four of the search for the escaped Bronx Zoo Egyptian cobra and now comes word that oddsmakers are tinkering with the idea of offering odds on when the when the venomous serpent will ultimately be captured and where.  How about the New York City subway system?  We’d give that one 100-1 odds.

For the record, zoo officials have tried to calm down city residents by insisting the killer cobra remains loose and in lockdown at the now infamous Snake House.   They also noted that she is a baby and only pencil thin.  She emits less toxic venom that elder snakes.

These are the same officials who have issued statements that they were advising the public out of an "abundance of caution and will continue to take whatever steps necessary to ensure public safety” and “It’s the snake’s game”.

She may be small but her bite can kill in 15 minutes!

The cobra, for those of you reading this on your laptops, is about the length of two such computers.

With each passing day and a desire to post odds on real-time, relevant and attention grabbing stories, is ssssssssssssssssaid to be considering offering odds on the OVER/UNDER number of days it will take to capture the elusive reptile

“We thought he would be caught over the weekend but now that zookeepers are suggesting it could take more days, even weeks, this is something we are seriously considering,” a spokesperson advised did have odds on the capture of another snake, Muammar Gaddafi.

Those odds are no longer available now that the regime forces in Libya once again seem to be gaining ground.

They do have odds on Charlie Sheen’s replacement for those interested

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