Royal Wedding Odds – Betting on Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Alistair Prescott
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Royal Wedding Odds Prince William Kate Middleton

You knew it had to happen sooner than later, and sooner it is: has released Royal Wedding odds following the announcement of the Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement on Tuesday.

Best Man:  Seems like a “no brainer” if you ask all of us at  William’s brother Harry, but of course. 

And Paddy Power believes the same.  They have posted 1/25 odds on Harry.  A €25 bet pays out €1, but a €500 bet pays out €20.  The initial bet is refunded assuming Harry is named Best Man, which we think he will be.  Anybody else pays 8/1 odds incidentally. 

Color of the Queen’s hat has pink as the favorite, but at just 9/2 odds.  All other colors pay out 5/1 odds or better.  White pays the best at 20/1 odds.

Perhaps the most wagered on of the Royal Wedding odds for Prince William and Kate Middleton will revolve around where and when the wedding will take place.

Westminster Abbey is the slight 4/6 favorite.  There were three other chapels for which to choose as well.

The When’s appear below.

July 5/4

August 5/4

June 4/1

May 9/2

September 12/1

Maid of Honor odds had Pippa Middleton as the pretty big 1/8 favorite.  Zara Phillips pays 8/1.  Any other pays 12/1.  This is hardly a “lock” compared to the “Best Man” bet.

Wedding dress color had about 24 different betting options, the favorite being ivory at 10/1.  We don’t think she will be donning green or brown, but those were listed at 66/1 odds.

Other odds for the Royal Wedding included the Next Monarch, The Titles Taken (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is the favorite), Who Will Design Kate Middleton’s Dress and the Number of BBC Wedding Viewers.  More than 36 million pays out 5/1 odds.  That seems like a pretty good bet considering there are 62 million people residing in the United Kingdom. 

Typically, Paddy is known for its scandalous bet options, however, there are no odds available on a divorce...not yet anyway.  

- Alistair Prescott,

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