Royal Wedding Betting Odds: Dress Color

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Jordan Bach
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Royal Wedding Betting Odds

With the Royal wedding nearing (April 29, 2011), it’s time to start thinking more seriously about all those Royal Wedding betting odds that are currently available, everything from the color of bride Kate Middleton’s wedding dress to the length of Kate’s train to various ceremony props, all of which can be found at

In this column, we hone in on the dress.   

Odds on the color of Kate Middleton’s dress were coming in at ivory as the 4/6 favorite (pays $4 for every $6 bet with the $6 refunded should it be a winner).  Odds on just about every color are being offered, we should note.  Green and brown were both coming in at 66/1 odds for those who like living on the edge.  Note that even if there is a tinge of green in Kate’s wedding dress, the color must be primary (the predominant color) to win.   Nude pays 33/1 odds for those of you wondering.

Ivory 4/6

Lemon 20/1

Nude 33/1

White 9/4

Lilac 25/1

Beige 33/1

Cream 3/1

Grey 25/1

Yellow 40/1

Champagne 10/1

Silver 25/1

Pink 40/1

Vanilla 16/1

Powder blue 25/1

Ecru 40/1

Pearl 16/1

Fawn 33/1

Red 50/1

Almond 18/1

Black 33/1

Green 66/1

Gold 20/1

Egg Shell 33/1

Brown 66/1


- Jordan Bach,


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