Pope Betting Odds Released by Bookmaker: Country of Origin, Age

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Jordan Bach
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Pope Betting Odds Released by Bookmaker:  Country of Origin, Age

Bookmaker has gotten in on the next Pope betting odds, offering prices on his country of origin and age.  Gambling911.com can also, for the first time, get a glimpse of where the action is leaning.


Any country in Africa was the current favorite at Bookmaker and would pay $13 for every $10 bet.  Two nations in the African continent lead the pack, Ghana and Nigeria, ushering in the potential for the first ever Black Pope.

Italy was a close co-favorite at +150 odds and would pay out $15 for every $10 bet.

Canada, with another Cardinal as a frontrunner, would pay out $25 for every $10 bet.

What is fascinating about the current Pope betting frenzy is the fluidity when it comes to the published odds.  Over the course of a week’s time, three different origin nations – Ghana, Canada and Italy – have been favored across the board.

When it comes to the actual action, Africa was seeing 41 percent of bets coming in at Bookmaker.

Canada, Italy and any country in either South or Central America were each seeing 12 percent of the wagering action. 

Age of the next Pope had 66 to 70 years old paying $20 for every $10 bet.  65 years old pays $21 and was getting 46 percent of the action.

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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