Pay Per Head Businesses and the Oscars

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Aaron Goldstein
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Pay Per Head Businesses and the Oscars is among the few Pay Per Head businesses that will be offering wagering on this year’s Oscars.

“For many offshore books the Academy Awards is often described as a mini Super Bowl in terms of betting,” notes Jordan Bach, Entertainment Reporter for the website.  “While the options offered tend to be slim, there is never a lack of interest on this major nonsporting wagering event.”

Some of this year’s Oscar categories do feature more competitive pricing when compared to past Academy Awards events.

In addition to competitive pricing, also offers live wagering on most games, a virtual online casino, horse racing odds for dozens of U.S. tracks and access to North America’s top online poker network.

“We have the creative expertise to make you look great,” Premier Per Head proclaims. “We have prices that will make you feel great. We give you the tools to help you work great. And on an overall basis, we put together the whole package that makes you DO great.”

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