Oscar Nominations 2011: Latest Odds

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Carrie Stroup
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Oscar Nominations 2011

With Oscar nominations for 2011 to be announced Tuesday, Sportsbook.com had already released odds ahead of the big day.  The Oscars is traditionally one of the biggest single day betting events of the year online.

“It’s huge!” says Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of the Gambling911.com website.  “The biggest non sporting event bet on annually and usually the third most wagered on single day event after the Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby.”

Sportsbook.com had released early Oscar 2011 odds on “Best Picture”, “Best Actor”, “Best Actress” and more (see all odds here – wagers can be placed up until Oscar nominations are announced).

“The Social Network” was the early -500 favorite to win “Best Picture”.  It was followed by “The King’s Speech” at +200 or 2/1, “The Fighter” at +800 or 8/1 and “Black Swan” at 10/1 odds. 

“Typically, the Oscar odds are based on Golden Globe winners,” noted O’Brien.  “The Social Network did win the Golden Globe for ‘Best Picture’ last week.  I’m not convinced the ‘Best Picture’ nomination is a ‘lock’ this year however.”

The “Best Actor” Oscar nominations for 2011 will include Colin Firth and he is the huge early -2000 favorite to win.  Those are steep odds and a practical “lock” to be sure.  Firth one the Golden Globe award. 

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Natalie Portman was the early -800 favorite to win for “Best Actress”.  Those too are lofty odds.  Her competition includes, Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right), which would pay out $30 for every $10 bet.  She was not even nominated for a Golden Globe award but still had the third shortest odds at Sportsbook.com.    Jennifer Lawrence (Winters Bone) was set at +1000 odds. 

“Best Director” odds had David Fincher (The Social Network) at -1500, another likely “lock”.

Christian Bale (The Fighter) was the -1000 favorite for “Best Supporting Actor” with Geoffrey Rush (The Kings Speech) having the second shortest odds at +400.

The most competitive Oscar 2011 odds will probably be on “Best Supporting Actress” with Melissa Leo (The Fighter) just a -300 favorite. Helena Bonham Carter (The Kings Speech)  would pay out $40 on a $10 bet with a win. Amy Adams (The Fighter) would pay out $70. 

Coverage of the Oscar nominations 2011 begins at 8:30 am ET (January 25).

- Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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