Oscar 2011 Actor, Actress, Director to Cry During Acceptance Speech

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Jordan Bach
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Sportsbook.com was offering odds on whether the Best Actor, Actress or Director will cry during his or her acceptance speech.  Apparently the folks from that online gambling site feel that the female is more prone to crying (apparently they haven’t paid much attention to House Speaker John Boehner).  (see all odds here)

The Best Actress had odds of -160 of crying and +110 of not doing so, that later of which pays $11 for every $10 bet.

The Best Actor and Director each would pay out $20 for every $10 should they cry.  Not doing so probably isn’t worth betting as the price would be $40 to win $10 (the $40 is refunded should the bet be a winner). 

Some of the more memorable crying episodes on the Oscars occurred with Kate Winslett and Halle Berry, so it is indeed chic for the Best Actress to become tearful. 

Sportsbook.com was also offering odds on the length of various acceptance speeches with the better payouts occurring should any of the major winning categories fall UNDER 45 seconds. 

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- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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