Naked Russell Brand May be Banned….In Australia

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Alistair Prescott
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Russell Brand

Posing naked in front of his window, the News of the World proclaimed:  "LOOKY looky! Here's Russell Brand showing off his prize assets in Australia."


"The comedian gave the world a great view of his wooky as he inadvertently flashed passers-by in the morning sunshine completely naked," the London tabloid reports.

But look out Mr. Brand!  You are in Australia, and in case you haven't been following news of late, this is the country that is looking to ban just about every website from online poker to YouTube links.  Surely, the Government can't be too thrilled that a comedian is flashing people on the street, can they?

The NOTW continues: "And our pictures clearly show just why Russell is such a HUGE hit with the ladies.

"A pal said: "Russell is usually a bit of an exhibitionist when it comes to his personality but he normally likes to keep his clothes on until he gets to the bedroom.

"He thinks he looks a lot better in clothes. Although he definitely prefers to be out of his clothes when he finds the right girl to take back to his place."

This past week a government report was leaked that featured names of over 2000 blacklisted websites including Betfair, a legal betting exchange in Australia. 

Any odds on whether Brand gets arrested for the next time he decides to show his wares in public?

Alistair Prescott,  


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