Miss Universe 2010: Bookies Get Wise To Miss Venezuela

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C Costigan
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Miss Venezuela Miss Universe Marelisa Gibson Villegas


When it comes to the Miss Universe 2010 pageant, online bookmakers are taking any chances.  Venezuela is to beauty contests as Brazil is to the FIFA World Cup.  Under the direction of Osmel Sousa, Venezuela has accumulated more international titles than any other country.  Last year online bookies made a strategic mistake.

“We at Gambling911.com looked at the odds and were a bit taken aback,” acknowledged Payton O’Brien, the news site’s Senior Editor. 

Taken aback indeed.

Miss Venezuela, who had always come in among the single digit favorites, was listed with around 40/1 long odds last year.

And what happened?

She came in among the top 5 finalists….oh, and then she was crowned Miss Universe 2009.

“The Miss Universe pageant is not to be taken lightly by the online gambling websites,” O’Brien says.  “Gambling911.com considers it a major betting event”

SBG Global was offering Miss Venezuela Miss Universe 2010 contestant at +750.  A $10 bet pays out $75 should she win.  Only Miss Mexico and Miss Russia have shorter odds, but not by much.  They pay $70.  Miss USA and Miss Ireland had the same odds as Miss Venezuela. 

Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson Villegas hopes to bring home the Miss Universe 2010 crown for the 7th time. She is a student of Architecture ; and theater and photography.

Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com 

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