Michael Jackson Betting Props

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Michael Jackson Betting Props

He was the biggest newsmaker of the summer following his untimely death and now the questions remain as to what killed the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson. 

Online gambling website BetUS.com began offering bets on what will happen with the Michael Jackson death investigation, and primarily the future of Dr. Conrad Murray, accused of providing Jackson with that lethal injection.

"There is something that tells me this case will not get to trial, because of the fact that it would become a media circus and would appear so easy to plead out to," points out BetUS.com analyst Charles Jay.  "But on the other hand, it is hard to tell what a district attorney will do because out in Tinseltown most of those "law enforcements" types don't shun publicity. "Murray could be easier on himself by entering a plea bargain, because he would wind up with probation or less time. But remember that he claims to have done nothing wrong, and he'd certainly like to continue practicing medicine. The chances of that happening if he pleads guilty to manslaughter are non-existent."

BetUS.com was offering odds on Dr. Conrad Murray going to trial at -140.

Odds of Murray being found guilty were listed at a whopping -300.
"Murray emphatically denies any wrongdoing, and that he simply gave Jackson the 25 mg of Propofol to help him sleep," Jay says.  "The questions surround whether that was the extent of the dose Jackson got. Los Angeles Police Department sources have been quoted (albeit anonymously) as saying that they believe the dosage was closer to 500 mg. They are also rather suspicious of the long delay between the time Murray says he found Jackson unconscious and the time he called the paramedics.

"We really don't have a lot of the evidence before us, but I know that there will be an argument put forth by Murray's attorneys that not only were there up to twenty other doctors giving medication to Jackson, and that the star himself was contributory to his own demise, but I don't think that will get him off; it could just serve to get the sentence lowered or the charges reduced."

Other Michael Jackson death case odds include how many years Dr. Murray will spend in prison, with 1 to 2 years the slight favorite.

The most lopsided bet being offered is whether the Jackson family will ultimately sue Conrad Murray with odds of -1000 that they will sue.  If they choose not to the payout would be $50 for every $10 bet.

Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com


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