Katy Perry Odds to Appear On Glee Makes Her The Favorite

Written by:
Jordan Bach
Published on:
Katy Perry Glee

The online oddsmakers at Bookmaker.com have made singer Katy Perry the favorite to next make an appearance on the hit television show Glee

Following the appearance of Britney Spears on the program, odds were released by Bookmaker.com.

Bruce Springsteen would pay $35.50 for every $10 bet with +375 odds.  Beyonce would pay out $45 with a $10 bet and +450 odds.

Other odds included:

N Sync at +450 odds

Mariah Carey at +400 odds

Prince at +360 odds

Kiss at +425 odds

David Bowie at +400

Jay-Z at +375 odds

Conspicuously absent from Bookmaker.com’s odds was Lady Gaga.

Britney’s episode aired a week ago, attracting some 13.5 million viewers.  That ws the second most watched show in the series.

Katy Perry is currently one of the hottest commodities on the music scene.  Her odds of appearing next on the hit television show would pay slightly better than even money.  Jordan Bach reporting for Gambling911.com.

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