Kate Will Not Say “Obey”: Oddsmakers Offer Odds of -1500

Written by:
Alistair Prescott
Published on:
Kate Middleton Obey

The online gambling websites are convinced that Kate will not say the word “Obey” during the Royal Wedding.  Bookmaker.com has posted odds of -1500 that she WILL.  You would have to wager $150 to win $10

“Yes” she will say the word “Obey” would pay $25 for every $10 bet. 

While William’s mum Princess Diana refused to say “Obey”, few women followed suit when marrying into the royal family.

News reports are all but confirming Kate will refuse to make that particular vow. 

The bride-to-be will instead promise to 'love, comfort, honour and keep' her husband.

Remember, there are some great Royal Wedding betting odds available at Bookmaker.com including the color of Kate’s wedding dress, the color of the Queen’s hat and where the couple will honeymoon, among others. 

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com


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