Jenny Woo Makes Santa’s “Nice” List for First Time

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Stuck dealing with a family crisis, corresponding regularly with her baby brother stationed in Afghanistan and finding a niche in the world of poker professional interviews, Gambling911.com's Senior International Correspondent Jenny Woo joins the likes of Senior Reporter Carrie Stroup and Senior Editor/Head of Marketing for Gambling911.com, Payton O'Brien, on Santa's "Nice List".

"I also stopped smoking!" chirped the jolly half Redneck, half Korean with double D boobs.

Woo will be setting up a new office base outside her home town of Pensacola, Florida later next month. 

"I need to get away from Miami Beach," she acknowledged. 

The hard drinking, sex addicted, chain smoking, sailor mouthed most famous and hottest reporter in the online gambling news arena, Miss Woo has now turned over a new leaf.  In addition to going "smoke-free", Woo has cut down on sex, drinking and partying.  This has earned her a block of gold in her Christmas stocking as opposed to the usual coal she receives from Santa each year. 

Still, Jenny admits to being hot for Santa.

"When all the other little girls were asking Santa for a Barbie Doll, I would look forward to sitting on Santa's lap each season and fantasizing about being with the old bearded man in red in a more intimate setting, like getting (deleted) (deleted) on his sled with (deleted)."

Ms. Woo is currently enjoying Christmas with her dad, little brother (who managed to get off base for a few days to celebrate the holidays) and her half sister, a blonde Born Again Christian who hopes to some day convert Jenny.

Since joining the Gambling911.com family way back in 2004, Jenny has been a regular on Santa Claus' "Naughty List", compared to her more pure counterpart, Carrie Stroup, who is a regular fixture on the "Nice List", even that year she appeared on an episode of NBC's Scrubs kissing another female, since that was just acting and Carrie is always a good girl. 

Cuban transgender reporter, Sparky Collins, remains on the "Naughty List".

Merry Christmas from Gambling911.com!


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