Dancing With The Stars Odds – October 4, 2010

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Jordan Bach
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Dancing With The Stars

The latest Dancing With The Stars odds for October 4, 2010 were available at BetED.com

One of the more interesting developments coming into Week 3 of DWTS was Brandy’s huge fall from the top 3 favorites, something very rare in the world of Dancing With The Stars betting.

“In past seasons, there have usually been three favorites from Day 1 and they maintain that status each week leading up to the finals,” said Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of the Gambling911.com website.  “Here you have Brandy’s odds going from around 3/1 to 16/1 in just a single week.”

Brandy ended up with 21 points out of 30 last week even though she performed well in Week 1.  Her longer odds mean that former LA Lakers star Rick Fox becomes the second favorite to win this season’s DWTS.

Jennifer Grey remained the favorite to win this season of Dancing With The Stars.  Her odds have been slashed to EVEN.

Bristol Palin’s odds have improved to 9/1 or +900 after opening as a pretty substantial long shot.  Florence Henderson’s odds would still pay out $800 for every $10 bet.

(How to read these odds:  +110 would pay $11 for every $10 bet, +350 would pay out $35 for every $10 bet, +1600 would pay out $160 for every $10 bet)

Jennifer Grey




-Rick Fox


Kurt Warner


Audrina Patridge


Mike Sorrentino


Bristol Palin


Margaret Cho


Kyle Massey


Florence Henderson


Dancing With The Stars odds were available throughout October 4, 2010 up until a few minutes before the start of this week’s competition.  Jordan Bach reporting for Gambling911.com.  

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