Can you Bet the Oscars in Las Vegas?

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Jordan Bach
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Can you Bet the Oscars in Las Vegas?

Can you bet the Oscars in Las Vegas? has the answer to this question and it is…..


A resounding NO!

The only place to bet the Oscars is online at sites like BetOnline, though New Jersey online gambling sites have begun to allow wagering on the Academy Awards effective 2019.

The Nevada sportsbooks have been given some leeway to take certain bets outside the sports realm, however, they have opted not to expand into the Oscars betting arena at this time.

Did you know that the Oscars represent the third largest single day’s betting event of the year annually?   It is the 2nd most wagered on non-sporting event outside of the US Presidential race, which occurs every four years.

It is interesting to note that Las Vegas still sets odds on the Oscars. 

So if you happen to be in Vegas during Hollywood’s biggest event, just head on up to your hotel room and, with a click of your mouse and a credit card, you’ll be set up to start betting online with an online sportsbook that has been around for nearly 15 years.  Bets typically start as low as $5.

- Jordan Bach,

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