Bristol Palin Would Pay Even Odds to Win Dancing With The Stars Final

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Jordan Bach
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Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Final

Though Jennifer Grey remains the -200 favorite to win Season 11 of Dancing With The Stars, Bristol Palin’s odds of winning the final have been slashed to even, meaning that a $10 bet would pay out $10 profit. Kyle Massey would pay $40 for every $10 bet with a victory. 

There has been much talk about Bristol, the daughter of 2008 Vice Presidential GOP running mate Sarah Palin, making it this deep into the competition when she routinely placed among the bottom three by judges.  Viewer phone call voting accounts for 50 percent of the results. Theories include everything from young teen girls voting for Bristol en mass to a Tea Party uprising. 

Some have gone as far as to say that, if Bristol Palin wins this installment of Dancing With The Stars, the show will be ruined. 

“It’s not as if she is a bad dancer,” says Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of the website, which has watched the odds for Bristol shorten from around 45/1 to even.  “She has dramatically improved week after week.  But is she in the same league as Jennifer Grey?  No.  But she has not beaten Grey yet either.”

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Gamblers who believe the show is nothing more than a popularity contest will likely be backing Palin heavily and we could see odds that close in on Grey’s current number.

“If I were going to bet on Bristol, I would lock in the current even odds and get the best price we are likely to see from hereon in,” O’Brien advises. 

Patrik Jonnson of the Christian Science Monitor perhaps offered the best observation yet:

Bristol Palin and and her mother, Sarah Palin, both have weaknesses as candidates. On "Dancing With the Stars," Bristol has repeatedly received the lowest scores from the judges. In public-opinion polls, about two-thirds of Americans say Sarah is unqualified to be president.

Yet here they are, Bristol and her warm, slightly baffled grin now in the final of "DWTS" – a feat so incomprehensible to some that they see foul play at work. And Sarah is drawing record audiences to "Sarah Palin's Alaska" to watch her shoot skeet with a smile, even as she sends tremors through the blogosphere by simply asserting that she could beat President Obama in 2012.

- Jordan Bach, 

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