Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Win Would Still Pay Even Odds

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Jordan Bach
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Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin achieved her highest scores yet on Monday Night’s Dancing With The Stars, but they were still lower than her competition in the finals, heavy favorite Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey.  A Dancing With The Stars win by Palin would result in an even-odds payout. was one of many online gambling websites offering odds on this season’s Dancing With The Stars, but they were no longer available heading into the highly anticipated results show. 

One website claimed that Tea Party diehards could theoretically place a few hundred votes from a single email account.  Executives for Dancing With The Stars say that’s a lot of “hogwash”. 

"It's possible to register lots of email addresses, but the IP address identifies which computer sent it, "executive producer Conrad Green told the Daily News. "If that does happen, we wipe out [those votes]. We have a number of security checks to identify people trying to multiple vote."

"This week's been extremely intense," she said during the ABC show on Monday. "There's lots of media and I'm more intimidated with that stuff than I am with [fellow competitors] Jennifer and Kyle [Massey]."

Palin, who had received death threats prior to last night’s show, was seen moping backstage.

"It sucks that people still think I don't deserve to be here," she said in voiceover.

Heading into this season’s Dancing With The Stars, Bristol Palin was listed around 45/1 odds of winning.

In a Daily News poll, nearly 75 percent of respondents believed that Jennifer Grey would win.

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